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Ravago is a family owned Belgian company with a turnover of €5 Billion . Ravago‘s headquarter is located in city Arendonk. Ravago has 3 main business areas in raw materials:

  • Branded distribution of Plastics and Rubbers;
  • manufacturing and compounding of prime and recycled Plastics and Rubbers;
  • Polymer and Rubber resale / trading activities.

Ravago was founded in 1961 by a Flemish businessman Raf Van Gorp who started with collecting industrial waste and producing recycled plastics. It was quite an innovative idea at that time because environmental pressures were not as high as today. Larger petrochemical companies preferred prime materials and burned their waste production to generate electricity for their plants. Therefore, Ravago’s offer to collect plastic waste was welcomed because they now had an outlet for selling their waste production, off-specs and off-grades.

While scrap and off grades were the core activity in the 1960s and 1970s, Ravago became increasingly involved in prime materials over the next years. With the takeover of US company Mülhstein in 2006 Ravago became the world leader in plastic recycling and compounding.

Ravago is today one of the largest polymer compounders with production plants in Europe and USA.

Ravago European facilities are located in:

  • Belgium, Arendonk: Ravago Production
  • Germany, Steinfurt: Ravago Deutschland
  • Germany, Peine: Coratech
  • Germany, Schkopau: RP Compounds
  • Italy, Locate Varesino: Ravago Italia
  • Italy, Mornico: Ravago Italia
  • Italy, Salerno: Dilaplast
  • Spain, Tarragona: Ravago Plasticos
  • Turkey, Kocaeli: Enplast

Ravago focuses on delivering high quality plastics compound in prime as well as in industrial quality and also recycled plastics.

Ravago portfolio consists of compounds of these polymers:

  • PE HD, PE LD
  • PP homo, copo, raco
  • PS HI, PS GP
  • ASA
  • ABS
  • PC
  • PC/ABS
  • PA/ABS
  • PBT
  • PA6, PA66
  • TPE-S, TPE-V

Ravago compounds are produced in a wide range of different grades filled by talcum, calcium carbonate, glass fibers or glass beads. Ravago also produces coloured plastic compounds, flame retardant compounds or UV stabilized plastics.

An important part of Ravago offer are polymers in industrial quality and high quality recycled plastics that are increasingly used for many applications in automotive industry, for electric and electronic applications, furniture, non-visible parts of domestic appliances and many other applications requiring environmental friendly material, lower price and consistent and high quality.